Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am experiencing technical difficulties...

Ok, I get it.  For some reason I stopped blogging about my experience while I was away this summer.  Not only did I stop but I stopped in a very important place.  I was just about to have an experience that would change many things about me.  Why did I stop.

This morning I realized that I stopped because I couldn't remember what actually happened that weekend and what has been added to the experience since then.  I was looking back at the weekend through the days that followed and I knew that some of what I learned and experienced in the days that followed colored my memories of that weekend. 

So, I will begin once again to chronicle my journey with God and I want you to know that some of it may be colored by things that I experienced after the time that I am describing.  As long as you are ok with that and I acknowledge it I will continue. 

Thanks for being patient with me.